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Commercial Solar Rooftops

Commercial Solar Rooftops

Why commercial solar rooftops might be good for you...
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Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI partners with you from the conception to completion on a rooftop solar facility, offering financial analysis, system design, utility interfaces, finance alternatives, system installations, and maintenance of rooftop solar installations. Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI completes all the required documentation for incentive programs, permitting, and utility connections. We have the experience to develop small, mid-size and large industrial rooftops for any business, school, hospital and government organization and offer financing options that will best suit your needs. Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI’s installation managers are highly experienced in proper installation, accounting for both summer and winter elements, so that the solar panels will provide the optimum output.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Facilities:

• Aesthetics - The solar modules fit seamlessly with your pre-existing rooftop for a more streamlined appearance.

• Space optimization - With solar roof mounting systems, there is no reason to clear away extra land that has other use.

• Fortification and Value- The solar panels protect your roof from weather and wear and tear, which in turn increases your property value.

• Quick to Install- Rooftop solar is generally easier and faster to install compared to ground-mounted systems.

• Savings- Reduces operating costs and generates additional income.

• Minimal Maintenance- There is no weeds or grass to be cut, instead the maintenance involves removing snow off the panels during the winter months and inspecting the equipment to ensure it is operating efficiently year over year.


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Commercial Rooftops

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