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Carports and Canopies

Solar Carports & Canopies

Why Solar Carports and Canopies might be good for you...
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Solar carports and canopies offer an aesthetically pleasing power generating solar option and are one of the fastest growing trends in the solar photovoltaic market, providing maximum solar power generation in small or mid-size areas such as parking lots. Solar carports and canopies make it attainable for an organization with limited space to install a solar facility in parking lots or on other vacant land. Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI offers a number of carport and canopy design styles suitable for any business, school, hospital and government organization.

Benefits of Carports and Canopies:

• Reduced Operating Costs

• Efficient use of land that does not occupy real estate

• Design options to adapt to all budgets

• Shaded vehicle parking

• Public visibility

• Awareness of green initiatives

• Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations can be added

Large solar carport with a arch in it and covers a large parkinglot. Used for commercial canopy solar


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