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A Rhode Island based company and a trusted partner for turnkey commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

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Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI is a leader in the development, construction, financing and operation of solar PV facilities for municipal, public, commercial and industrial clients. Southern Sky Renewable Energy is a privately held Limited Liability Company with 100% Rhode Island resident ownership. Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI has established itself as one of the premiere solar project developers in the Northeast solar market. Southern Sky Renewable Energy Rhode Islands's approach to project development is based on over thirty years of real estate, construction, finance and tax credit experience. To date, Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI has a project pipeline of over 119 MWs in the northeast

Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI has the approach to build a partnership with the communities in which we plan to develop a solar facility. We at Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI are committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Our development choices make good business sense and positively impact the communities in which we work.

Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI provides turn-key solar energy services.

Why Solar Energy?

Investing in solar PV facilities reduce climate-related risk and dependence on fossil fuels. It also reduces financial risk due to rising utility costs. Solar PV facilities creates a barrier against rising utility costs by offering predictable pricing. A typical power purchase agreement or net metering credit agreement offers a price at a discount when compared to the current cost of grid electricity, with an escalation rate well below the anticipated rise in utility costs. As the years go by, your savings grow!

Solar PV facilities are safe and environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is abundantly available and emissions-free. In addition, solar PV facilities produce minimal noise or air pollution during operation.
Solar PV facilities are less dependent on sun resources than wind systems are on wind resources. While the number of sunny days is important for solar system efficiency, it is not a determinant of power generation – just as it’s still possible to get a sunburn on a cloudy day. With solar PV facilities, the only moving part is the sun. Consequently, solar PV systems enjoy lower maintenance costs than wind systems and boast silent operation. Finally, many of today’s solar PV panels are sold with 25+ year warranties and the capability of generating power for many years beyond that timeframe.

Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI Services


Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI will provide financing options and perform financial analysis that will best suit customer’s specific needs.


Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI will work directly with leading solar PV manufacturers to design and build the most cost-efficient ground mount, rooftop and canopy solar photovoltaic facilities. Determining the finest technology synonymously with project requirements ensures the most cost effective solution. SSRERI’s exceptional reputation results in a wide range of suppliers for the top overall solution for solar facility’s needs. With a team of professionals, SSRERI is highly capable of effectively managing the procurement of commercial and utility scale solar equipment.

Our procurement process runs in parallel with SSRERI’s design process. SSRERI’s project teams oversee the entire project from supplier evaluation and solicitation to equipment manufacturing, delivery and construction to warranty and commissioning.


Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI ensures the solar PV facility is operating at its optimal output and performs preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance for the customer’s solar PV facility and immediately restores production in the case of unforeseen outages.


Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI will provide the system design, utility interfaces and system installation. SSRERI also completes the required documentation in its entirety for incentive programs, permitting, and utility connections.


Southern Sky Renewable Energy RI has a proven track record of partnering with property owners to optimize their vacant land for ground mount solar project. We perform thorough due dilligence taking into consideration market conditions to optimize on investments.

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